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:Worry-Free Quality Guarantee

Worry-Free Quality Guarantee

Worry-Free Quality Guarantee

龙8国际娱乐客服 IEC Technology especially as a third-party battery brand, we take seriously the trust our customers place in us when they purchase an IEC Technology replacement battery for their mobile phones. We know IEC Technology customers aren't just looking to avoid big brand markup -- they require at minimum a safe high quality option. We here at IEC Technology pride ourselves on our price and especially our quality, with batteries manufactured under the equivalent quality and safety standards as your original manufacturer's. If you ever experience otherwise, our worry-free guarantee ensures that you can receive no-hassle service from our customer service team, committed and ready to take responsibility for your full customer experience.

Battery Safety

All our batteries undergo vigorous quality assurance tests for safety and are CE-, FCC-, and RoHS-certified. At the same time, we remind customers that all lithium ion batteries, including OEM batteries, employ powerful electrochemical processes. While we feature full safety mechanisms in our batteries with on-site quality engineers, we remind customers that all batteries, again including OEM, require proper handling and care for maximum safety assurance.


Do not dismantle, crush, or otherwise roughly handle the battery. Keep battery at room temperature and away from extreme temperatures and moisture. This includes cars and dashboards that may endure extreme heat during hot seasons or in direct sunlight. To prevent short-circuiting, never touch battery terminals with metal objects. Do not carry the battery together with sharp or metal objects such as keys or pens. Keep battery away from children.


Do not wait until the battery is fully empty before charging; Since lithium ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect, customers can use partial-discharge cycles with no impact to overall battery life. Avoid overcharging by charging for no longer than half an hour after the battery is fully charged.


Store battery in a cool, dry place, away from moisture.Do not store the battery in a fully-charged or fully-dischargwerwered state. Rather, discharge to about 40 percent before storing.
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